Water Damage Restoration Service

Removing the devastating effects of flooding in your home or business require a IICRC Certified professional for water damage cleanup. Orange Team Restoration and can restore your home or business back to its original condition with certified water damage cleanup.

The skilled and professional team of Orange Team Restoration will arrive, any day, within 45 minutes to make sure we evaluate the situation, come up with a game plan and stop the source of the water flooding.

The staff at Orange Team Restoration has the greatest compassion for the people of Los Angeles. So we understand water damage. That is why we are one of the only companies that stay open 24 hours a day and maintain the latest drying technology to eliminate odors after the clean up process.

Don’t permit your investment to bubble over with water from any flooding situation. Contact the professionals at Orange Team Restoration today and let them resolve the problems of water damage cleanup. They can have the problem eliminated quickly and have your home or business like new.


Water Damage Cleanup

How to Know When Plumbing Needs to Be Professionally Serviced

Orange Team Restoration of Los Angeles is water damage skilled professionals that have been fixing the problems presented by water for many years. They have discovered the absolute best methods to avert water damage events from happening.

One of the best practices of home and business owners are to inspect their pipes on a regular basis and search for any corrosion or rust that may lead to bigger problems in the future.

It is prudent of home and business owner to have skilled professionals inspect all plumbing systems at least every two to six years. Inspections can prevent more expensive dilemmas in the future.

Protect your home or business investment by contacting Orange Team Restoration today!

Main Drain Restoration

The professionals at Orange Team Restoration can handle flooding from any cause. Their primary concern is being certain that their customers are taken care of effectively and all flooding problems are resolved.

Orange Team Restoration is thorough being certain that all problems have been cleared up and future problems are eradicated.

A perfect example of a potential problem is hair clogs. In the event of hair clogs, it can cause water not to be able to drain quickly enough and cause a bathtub to overflow.

Overflowing tubs can cause much damage to flooring, ceilings and other rooms in your home.

The experts at Orange Team Restoration are prepared for water damage cleanup situations including clogged drains. Not only are they professional with the drainage issue but also are capable to repair all damages. With state-of-the-art drying system, they can absorb the water and have your home or business looking like new.

Don’t allow clogged drains cause unexpected water damage in your home or business.

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