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If your home or business experiences the misfortune of needing fire damage restoration or just needing smoke Odor elimination services contact the fire and smoke damage restoration professionals at Orange Team Restoration.

Eliminating the traces of damage that blaze fire incident can cause is very challenging and this is why Orange Team Restoration experts are the most trusted company for smoke and fire restoration.  They are the most trusted business for this kind of work in the Los Angeles area.

Fires can be devastating and problematic to recover from without the help of trained professional restoration services provided by IICRC Certified experts at Orange Team Restoration.

When a fire and smoke hazard occurs, it moves very fast and can affect every part of your home or business in just a few seconds.

Most do not realize, but when a fire happens, the ventilation system spreads the smoke from the point of origin to all over the house or business and essentially covers everything in crude that carries with it a smoky odor that can be challenging to get rid of without the proper equipment.

Don’t allow a fire and smoke situation spread crude throughout your perfect home or business.  Contact the fire and smoke restoration professionals at Orange Team Restoration today!

Why Fire Causes Water Damage

Orange Team Restoration of fire and smoke restoration specialists know everything there is to know about the kinds of fire inside a home or business and how it can affect all structure from sheetrock to floor tiles.

Orange Team Restoration the fire restoration specialists also are familiar that when a fire happens inside a home or business, it normally means that the fire department has to use hundreds to thousands of gallons of water to extinguish the blaze.  In addition to the fire, additional problems can occur:

  • Water damage – if the water used to put out the fire isn’t extracted immediately, this can cause a mold contagion.
  • Water used to extinguish the blaze, smoke can get into the cracks and spaces of your home or business, which can penetrate other areas of the structure.
  • Water can get into the basement by leaking through the floorboards causing the water to pool at the lowest possible place.

Don’t allow a pool of water to leak into your basement from a fire.  Contact Orange Team Restoration, the professionals for fire and smoke restoration, for all the assistance your home or business needs to recover from a smoke or fire incident today.

Finding Shelter after the Fire

The folks at Orange Team Restoration know that a fire and smoke incident can be devastating, especially when your home becomes unlivable afterward.

This is why Orange Team Restoration and the team can arrive within 45 minutes of a disaster call, so they can start the healing process for you and your home as quickly as possible.

Fires can happen at the worst of times, no matter when they happen, Orange Team Restoration is always ready to help with teams available 24/7 – 365 days a year, no matter what.

Many homeowners expect to be able to stay in the home while restoration work is being performed.  Unfortunately, with all the water damage and deep-seated smoke odor, this is normally impossible.  That is why Orange Team Restoration goes the extra mile to assist the homeowner to find a reasonably priced place to stay while they take on the challenges of fire and smoke damage.

Also, the folks at Orange Team Restoration understand the complexity of insurance paperwork; they will assist the homeowner with the complete process.

If a fire has interrupted your lifestyle and your searching for fire restoration companies you want the most reliable and capable professionals in the industry to assist you, call Orange Team Restoration. We can also help if you are in need of smoke odor elimination and fire damage restoration, just give us a call.

Call (213) 318-4012 to get started today!