How to use candles safely – what to know about candle safety

Most households use scented candles to make their homes feel fresh and homey. Although candles smell good, candles can cause house fires if you are not careful. If you like burning candles during holidays and winter months, then please keep candle fire safety in mind and follow these tips:

1. Although candles may look nice on your dining or coffee table, a child or a pet running through the room can easily knock them over. So, keep them out of reach of both.

2. Lighters, matchboxes and burning materials should be kept in the highest cupboard or locked in the pantry. Do not place candles next to              cleaning products in the kitchen as they can cause rapid fire and explosions.

3. Only light a candle if you have a holder for it. Make sure the candle holder is made of steel or aluminum and is placed on heat-resistant                   surfaces. Do not place a candle on uneven or loose shelves because they can easily knock over and start a fire.

4. Do not use candle all the way, especially when it has melted to less than two inches. It is best to throw away the candle and buy a new one.

5. Do not use water to extinguish a candle because the hot wax can splatter in all directions. It can crack or break the candle holder if it is                   made of glass because of a sudden change in temperature.

6. Do not use candles as an alternative to night lights or during a power outage. Flashlights and nightlights are fairly inexpensive and safer.

7. Install an extra smoke alarm in the room where you usually use candles. Remember to extinguish all the candles before you leave the                      room and never go to bed with a candle still burning.

8.If the candle is not burning properly, it repeatedly flickers or becomes too high, extinguish it. Then use scissors to trim and wick and                       make it even and check for drafts before relighting it.

9. Always listen to your instinct and better judgment and keep the area around the candle free from clutter. The candle should always be                    placed at least 12 inches away from other household items.